Welcome to My New Natural Health Program, a treatment program carried out by Tanja Trbovic-Stancic, a qualified Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Nutritionist and Registered Nurse with over twenty five years of clinical experience.

Tanja aims to restore your health the natural way. Through her extensive knowledge of Naturopathy, she will design a treatment plan for your specific needs.

Tanja has been in clinical practice for over 25 years. She studied nursing and completed her post graduate studies in Surgical Nursing.

During her many years of practice she was always looking for better health treatments she could offer her patients.

She found that many medical treatments and surgical interventions were not treating underlying issues of sick people. They were only treating the symptoms, which did not always lead to a full recovery.

This prompted her to study holistic medicine at Australian College of Natural Medicine, where she completed degree in Natural Science in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Nutrition.

Tanja has had great success in treatment of infertility, chronic illnesses and children's health.

Tanja has also been very successful in desensitising patients allergies and hay fever.

She also specialises in pre-operative preparation and treatments that speed-up recovery after surgery. Any physical trauma to the soft tissue and bones can be treated with great recovery rate, especially sport injuries and other traumatic disorders.

Tanja's treatments are based on individual assessment and according to personal requirements. Treatments are based on herbal medicine, homeopathy, food as medicine, nutrition and counselling.

Contact Tanja and make an appointment to get started on your journey to your new natural health today!

Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)

Diploma of Health Science (Nutrition)

Diploma of Health Science (Herbal Medicine)

Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing)

Member of NHAA

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